Custom Wall Clock - 3D-Printed Hands - Brass Wanduhr - silent

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This extraordinary wall clock, made from 100% pure brass round, embodies elegance and individuality. Its special feature is the customizable hands. Thanks to 3D printing technology, these hands can be designed in almost any shape or with any text of your choice. Imagine your initials, a symbolic design, or a short message as the hands - the possibilities are limitless and give each clock its unique touch.

It is completely silent, without the typical ticking often associated with wall clocks. This makes it ideal for quiet environments like bedrooms, offices, or meditation rooms, where silence is valued.

Each of these clocks is made in Germany. The use of pure brass not only gives the clock a luxurious appearance but also ensures durability and permanence. Brass can be recycled 100% without any loss of quality and forms a patina over time, making each clock a unique piece.

This wall clock is not just a timekeeper, but a piece of art that enhances any wall in your home or office. It's the perfect gift for special occasions or a wonderful addition to your own decor. With this clock on the wall, timekeeping becomes an expression of personality and style.


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It is available in several sizes:

  • ø 28 cm

  • ø 35 cm

  • ø 40 cm

  • ø 45 cm

  • ø 56 cm

Made in Hamburg.

Clockwork: Kreativzauber.